Marine Theatre

Church Street, Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3QB, Tel: 01297 442394,

The Marine Theatre plays host to a wide range of musicians, including classical, rock and tribute bands.


Brandon’s Fossil Walks

The Anchor, Cobb Gate, LYME REGIS, Dorset, DT7 3BS, Tel: 07854 377519,

The fossil walk is 3-4hours duration.
They specialise in larger group walks- just ask for details & price!


Guided Fossil Walks at Lyme Regis Museum

Bridge Street, LYME REGIS, Dorset, DT7 3QA, Tel: 01297 443370,

Guided fossil walks with Paddy Howe and Chris Andrew. Please see the museum website for times and booking details. As seen on a range of TV programmes.


Lyme Rib Rides

The Cobb, Lyme Bay Harbour, Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3JJ, Tel: 07790 400300,

Lyme Rib Rides delivers both fast and leisurely boat trips run by our highly qualified and experiences skippers, so you are in safe hands......


Old Lyme Ghost Walks

Town Museum, Bridge Street, DT7 3BS, Tel: 01297 443140,

Fiery puritan preachers, smugglers and pirates, shipwrecked mariners, a headless royal duke and a ghostly dog who rescues a sailor are just a few of the ghostly beings you will encounter on this spine chilling journey!



Stone-balancing On The Beach!

Front Beach, Marine Parade, Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7, Tel: 01404 871555,

I have been creating stonebalancing sculptures for more than a decade. I like the essential beauty of the sculptures, the paradoxes they evoke and the spiritual element in both the act of the balancing and the finished work.


Lyme Regis Aquarium

The Cobb, LYME REGIS, Devon, DT7 3NF, Tel: 01297 444230,

A visit to Lyme Regis would not be complete without a stroll to the end of the historic Cobb and a visit to the Marine Aquarium, one of the most fascinating visitor attractions in West Dorset.


The Langmore & Lister Gardens

Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7, Tel: 01297 445175

Have fun in the Lister Gardens Amenity Area whilst enjoying the beautiful gardens and view of Lyme Bay.

Lyme History Walks

Marine Theatre Square, LYME REGIS, Dorset, DT7 3BS, Tel: 01297 443140,

1 and 1/2 hour history tour of Lyme Regis.


The Town Mill

Mill Lane, Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3PU, Tel: 01297 443579,

Escape the bustle of Lyme and step back in time to explore the Town Mill. Nestling around this cobbled courtyard, its restored mill buildings house a working watermill, art galleries, garden, café and supper club, craft studios and shops.


Lyme Regis Museum

Bridge Street, LYME REGIS, Dorset, DT7 3QA, Tel: 01297 443370,

The award-winning Lyme Regis Museum is situated at the heart of the town, right on the sea wall. Inside, you will find a wonderful interior, with spiral staircases and balconies, housing a superb historic collection.


Dinosaurland Fossil Museum

Coombe Street, Lyme Regis, DT7 3PY

Mackerel Fishing on Sunbeam with Matt

Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3JJ, Tel: 07974 753287,

One hour mackerel fishing trips leave Lyme Regis all day. Please phone 07974 753287 to be on the next trip,  all tackle included.
Deep sea fishing every morning 8:30am till 11:30am £25pp rod and bait included.


Lyme Regis Golf Club 

Timber Hill, Lyme Regis, DT7 3HQ, Tel: 01297 442963,

Lyme Regis Golf Club was founded in 1893 and is recognised as one of the finest golf courses in the South West. Visitors are most welcome – please call before you arrive to book your tee time!



Lyme Regis Sailing Club. 

The Cobb, Lyme Regis, DT7 3JT, Tel: 01297 442373,

Lyme Regis Sailing Club house is situated next to the harbour at the foot of Cobb Hill.


Harry May’s Mackerel and Deep Sea Fishing

Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3JJ, Tel: 07974 753287,

They offer one hour mackerel fishing trip and three hour deep sea fishing trips, all fishing gear included. Please phone 07974-753287 for details. Just ask and your catch can be prepared for the barbecue.


 Lyme Regis Powerboat Club

Monmouth Beach, Lyme Regis, DT7 3LE, Tel: 07791 569759,

2011 marked the 50th anniversary of the Lyme Regis Power Boat Club.



Town Beach

At the northern end of Town Beach, thousands of tonnes of pebbles were imported, as part of the coastal protection scheme, and placed on top of the pebbles originally there. The beach was built up by three metres to be level with the Cart Road and to extend 20 to 30 metres out to sea. It provides essential protection to the Marine Parade and the buildings along it.

At the Cobb end, the beach was also enhanced, this time with sand imported from France. The beach no longer gets covered at high tide and provides an extensive beach area. This beach is manned by RNLI lifeguards during the peak season, so it's the ideal place to swim and paddle. There are kiosks, takeaways, cafes, restaurants and public houses bordering this section of the beach.

Monmouth Beach

This beach is so named because the Duke of Monmouth landed here in 1685 in an attempt to wrest the crown from King James II.

Monmouth beach extends over a kilometre southwest from the Cobb wall. Bordering this beach are holiday chalets, beach huts, the bowling green, Lyme Regis Power Boat Club, Boat Building Academy, and the council-run car parks.

Here you can find a layer of limestone called the ammonite graveyard or the ammonite pavement. This layer of rock is famous for the large ammonites it contains.

Church Cliff Beach

This is in front of the rock armour that protects the promenade. It is sandy in places and at low tide there is an extensive rock ledge with hundreds of rock pools where you can catch shrimps.

The River Lym flows into the bay on this part of the beach so you will have to paddle if you want to walk along the sands. The beach is covered at high tide.

East Cliff Beach

This extends northwest of the town towards Charmouth. The cliffs surrounding the beach are very unstable with extensive mudflows in places, and should be admired from a distance. The beach can be accessed from the north end of the promenade. Follow the road from Cobb Gate car park to the new Church Cliff Walk, which provides access to the fossil-rish East Cliff Beach. Enquire about tides before you set out because the beach can be cut off at high tide.

The cliffs above this beach are called the Spittles and are part of the biggest landslip in Europe.

The new seawall was officially opened in June 2015, with a safe footpath link to Charmouth Road car park. Be aware there are 114 steps back up to the car park, but there are plenty of benches along the way and at the top to sit and enjoy the spectacular views across the bay.

Lyme Regis is a very beautiful town that you could just watch the world go by or visit one of the many attractions within the town.  Whether you have a car or not you can also travel very easily outside of Lyme Regis to many wonderful places. 


If there is something in particular you are looking for that you do not find below please call us and we will try and help you.  Our Tourist Information Centre is also incredibly help and they can be contacted on 01297 442138 or you can visit their website here.  There is always something going on in Lyme Regis and most of these events can be found here.

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